Christmas campaign by our partner Firmware

Our partner has called for a Christmas donation campaign under the motto: "You click - we decorate". The donation amount goes to a board of choice and for each donor the Christmas tree is decorated with a ball and the company logo. We found this idea fantastic and innovative, so that we insisted on becoming a part of it. In addition to this donation, this year we are supporting the "Supporting Hands Stuttgart eV" association. More information!

MITNETZ STROM offers automated grid connection testing in real time

The enviaM network operator has introduced an automated real-time network connection check. It simplifies the access to the power grid for power producers from renewable energies. It is possible to ask them online where they can connect the desired power. They receive immediate feedback. In addition, a complete overview of free capacities for grid connections in the grid area is available. Here the company currently has a unique selling point nationwide. The consulting and development services for implementation were carried out by Fichtner IT Consulting and demonstrate once again how our Fichtner Digital Grid solution portfolio successfully supports companies in coping with current challenges in network operation. Find out more!

Digital customer loyalty and marketing tools for energy providers

The Gas2Go and Gas2Go Sales products for energy trading were developed by FIT together with GVS in order to simplify schedule pricing. Gas2Go Sales is a platform based consulting and sales solution that lets municipal utilities offer their industrial and commercial customers market-oriented products with real-time prices. More information!

Creditreform and Fichtner cooperate on 4.0 industry solution for energy supply companies

Fichtner IT Consulting and Creditreform agree to cooperate to jointly advance the digital transformation of energy supply companies (EVU). This was announced by the two industry specialists in the wake of E-World. The common goal is to digitize utility company customer processes. For more customer satisfaction and loyalty. More information!

Goodbye Telephones - Welcome Microsoft Teams

Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH is modernizing. All phones will be abolished and calls will be made via Microsoft Teams in the future. The Berlin branch has already been completely converted and all other branches are following suit. Learn more!

Fichtner IT at the Omexom Technikforum 2020

The Omexom Technology Forum entered its third round this year and is an exclusive conference for managers and decision-makers in the energy industry. In addition to the focus on information and communication, top-class lectures shaped the program. Our Dr. gave one of these lectures Albrecht Reuter on "Energy is digital, diverse, participative and cellular". It's best to reserve for next year and keep up to date. More information about the Technikforum

FIT at E-world 2020

This year's E-world was again an excellent trade fair - with the focus on digitization and renewal. The range of interesting discussions, qualitative industry exchange, a marzipan artist at our booth and much more are just a few of the many highlights. You can make your own impression via our social media channels or come and see us next year. Impressions from the booth

Fichtner IT Consulting acquires stake in Office365 and Microsoft specialist

Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH ("FIT") joins the Austrian corner4 Information Technology GmbH ("corner4") as a partner. The 30% share underlines the goal of long-term and strategic cooperation. Customers are offered attractive solutions and a competent service based on Microsoft's digital workplace platform. 


VDI news about C/sells: no energy transition without participation

It is about the large-scale research and implementation project in the solar arch of Southern Germany: C/sells. Albrecht Reuter (overall project leader) wants to inspire for the energy transition and the resulting opportunities. People should actively participate in the transformation of the energy system and enjoy it. "Without participation, the energy transition will not work"; the weight of this statement is clear to the reader in the VDI Nachrichten report. Read more. 

Fichtner Digital Grid for Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel

As a traditional service provider in the field of energy and water supply and communication in Wolfenbüttel, digitalisation, the energy transition and liberalization are dealt with in a dynamic market environment, ensuring the secure supply of more than 56,000 inhabitants. FIT supports Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel in particular with its solution portfolio Fichtner Digital Grid as well as the expander tool BGI Calculate and the basic module BGI Grid Analytics. Read more. 

App for specialist personnel deployment planning - AMG GmbH

Fichtner IT Consulting was commissioned to "design and implement an IT solution in the engine shop with a number of production lines" to support deployment planning of operational personnel in its manufacturing facilities. The objective is to completely reconfigure the existing software and replace it with a state-of-the-art system to so consolidate the functionally complex application that has evolved over time and to facilitate prompt implementation of new requirements as they arise. Read more.

Magazine: C/sells - hundreds of minds for a better energy future

C/sells is a demonstration project within the framework of the SINTEG program. The "Intelligent Energy - Digital Agenda for the Energy Revolution" (SINTEG) promotion program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) aims to develop scalable model solutions for a secure, economical, environmentally sound and accepted energy supply with high shares of fluctuating electricity generation from wind and solar energy demonstrate. More Information

IT support of heterogeneous manufacturing processes in engine production at Mercedes-AMG GmbH

Ranking among the suppliers of motor vehicles most steeped in tradition, Daimler AG manufactures high-performance premium cars through its subsidiary. New generation engine production is supported by optimized IT thanks to the application of advanced "Industry 4.0" processes. Thus in productive operation, the "Enterprise Service Bus" (ESB) introduced by Fichtner IT Consulting (FIT) means that tools can be automatically set up, test and assembly setups individually configured, and all processes monitored and documented. Read more.

Click here for the Youtube short film of the AMG

From Expert Tools to the Digital Grid

Digital twins promise to break up old silos and thus support a core concern of DIN ISO 55.000. Information from the various source systems does not have to be collected in different expert systems, but is always available to the entire company in terms of equipment. The international conference of the Institute for Asset Management will show how the integration of OPTNET into Fichtner Digital Grid works. Program

C/sells visits the energy city Arzberg

meets in the city of Arzberg and discusses on. the version of the set goals:. It is gilding to expand renewable energies and to network and digitize the energy industry. In project C / the decentralized energy turnaround is now being tested with an intelligent energy system. There are three factors: cellularity, i. e. decentralized supply structures, participation and diversity. More Information

Ministerial dialogue in Bavaria: C/sells project

On the first of April, there was a first C/sells ministerial dialogue with sensational personalities who spoke to the energy industry about digitizing the energy world. Of course, the first results from the project C/sells were also on the agenda. It was a complete success, and this view is shared by Minister of State Hubert Aiwanger. In the video there are impressions of the event, in addition to the Minister of State and other experts to speak. View Video

Fichtner Digital Grid in 50.2 magazine

Fichtner Digital Grid in 50.2 magazine

If you want to make viable decisions, you need a good information basis. This simple truth is currently gaining momentum in distribution network operations. The magazine 50.2 has published an interesting article of our new solution "Fichtner Digital Grid " on the distribution network of the future. Digital Grid provides general information and analysis functions for all users as well as expert tools for specialist tasks such as regulatory management, target network planning, operational asset management or investment planning. More Information

Seal strategic partnership

Seal strategic partnership

We are pleased about the cooperation with the company KVK - Kompetenzzentrum Verteilnetze und Konzessionen GmbH. The KVK takes over the module "BGI - Control". on regulatory management for integrated network management. BGI - Control supports you with: regulation management, concession management, preparation of the cost audit, amendment of the ARegV, tendering procedure, network fee calculation tool. More Information

FIT at E-world 2019

At E-world 2019, FIT focused on digitization and renewal. Many interesting discussions and a qualitative industry exchange took place. The marzipan artist Clemens Brinkmann caused great enthusiasm. Thank you for a great fair! Impressions from the booth can be seen here.

FIT as partner of the energy industry

For more than 20 years, FIT has been developing software for utilities. The last 10 years, which are marked by the change in the energy supply, have shaped FIT close to the market and in close cooperation with our partner / customer. The latest product of these collaborations is a product developed with gas supply in Southern Germany, "Gas2Go Sales". "Gas2Go Sales" opens up new business models to be fit for the future as an energy supplier. More about the GVS press.

EAA optimizes customer relations

The EAA has implemented a new, central customer relationship management system. The aim is to further optimize the quality and design of customer relationships. This increases the satisfaction and loyalty of the more than 100,000 business and industrial customers of the EAA in Austria and Germany. The EAA is supported by the German consulting companies Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH (FIT) and EVE-Consulting und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (EVE). More Information


FICHTNER Talks 2018: The industry is learning to serve

The traditional FICHTNER Talks take place annually in September and discuss current, often controversial topics of the future. Fichtner organizes the framework for the expert discussion and moderates the dialogue. Here you can read more about this year's event.

World Climate Conference COP24: Exciting lecture by Albrecht Reuter

The UN climate change conference is the annual Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change. The first climate protection agreement was successfully passed at COP 21 in Paris. Mr. Reuter is also present and gives a lecture on "Flagship Regions" in Germany: C/sells.

Creation of a SharePoint Portal as a Document Filing System for TransnetBW

Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH (FIT) supports TransnetBW with consulting and development services for the implementation of a Microsoft SharePoint portal. In a pre-project phase, FIT has compiled the required specifications for the portal in the form of a requirement specification. In the later implementation phase, the data platform was set up by FIT, tested and handed over to TransnetBW after the successful completion of quality assurance. More Information

SWMs AI-Based Methods in Asset Management

SWM is the municipal utility and service company of the state capital Munich and its region. Fichtner IT Consulting successfully supported SWM with consulting and development services in the field of AI-based methods and Business Geo Intelligence for technical asset management in ordert o optimize support of operational and strategic business processes in the distribution network. More Information

Optimization of network processes

VSE AG has defined customer interaction, processes, data and technologies, new (digital) products and business models as well as corporate culture as the main topics of digitization. In order to prioritize and process the activities required to exploit the possibilities of digitization, it is now ensured that all associated measures occupy at least one of the defined main topics. More Information


FVEE Annual Conference 2018: energy transition - intelligent and digital

The focus of the FVEE (Renewable Energies Research Association) is to turn the transformation of energy supply into a sustainable energy system. At this year's conference our dr. Albrecht Reuter with a contribution to "Business Fields for the Digitization of the Energy System - Example SINTEG C / sells" on site. More Information


Business Geo Intelligence to optimize business processes based on SAP HANA

VSE AG, together with its partners u. on. in the areas of electricity, gas and water, telecommunications and energy services. FIT supports VSE AG very successfully with innovative consulting and development services in the area of Business Geo Intelligence for SAP HANA for the optimized support of operational and strategic business processes.


Ragnar Wadden Sea 2018 Relay - We were there!

For the first time, the world's largest relay race series took place in Germany. Two days, 10 people teams and a distance of 250 km. At this premiere on 25.08.-26.08.2018 FIT was also at the start. We are proud of our participants and look forward to the next race! The result of the team as well as further details can be found in the following report of the participant. More Information


General Data Protection Regulation - We take the privacy seriously!

As you surely know, the EU General Data Protection Regulation will apply in full from 25 May 2018. Because privacy regulations are important to us, we have adjusted our processes to ensure that they continue to meet the highest standards. For this we require your consent in accordance with DSGVO. Your consent


Two who understand each other: Alexa meets Stella!

Digitalisation of services - Stadtwerke Stuttgart and Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH are expanding their successful cooperation, such as the introduction of MS Dynamics 365 CRM by developing innovative voice controls for the search and reservation of stella e-scooters. More Information


EAA-ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria with a new CRM system

The EAA - the joint energy distribution and energy trading company of Energie Burgenland, EVN and Wien Energie - relies on a new CRM-System. The aim is to integrate all customer segments in Austria and Germany in a central database and to map them accordingly.


Our customers speak for us!

Read the articles "Factor Integration" and "Metro Maps" of the customer magazine of the dds "Zoom!" BGI Grid Analytics focuses on network support and asset management and BGI Customer Analytics focuses on customer management. Metro Metro is also named by Metro AG enterprise-related mapping application.


We are the sun

"The environmentally friendly energy supply of the future has about as much in common with the climate-damaging old energy world as the smartphone with a telegraph," said Baden-Württemberg's Environment and Energy Minister Franz Untersteller. In the future, the electricity grid must reliably transport a fluctuating supply of renewable energy sources in both directions. Read more


Customer Success Story with hhpberlin to the platform

With the module ARE firechief, developed by hhpberlin and Fichtner IT Consulting for the platform, mobile devices become a practical rescue assistant. Almost all situational decisions in rescue or evacuation scenarios can be better estimated with additional spatial information. Read more



Sports Atlas for Saxony-Anhalt created with the support of FIT

Business Geo Intelligence (BGI)The FIT supported the LandesSportBund Saxony-Anhalt e.V. (LSB) successfully in the realization of a web-based system in the field of sports facility forecasting and planning, the sports atlas Saxony-Anhalt. The Saxony-Anhalt Sports Atlas is technologically based on our Business Geo Intelligence Framework BGI Analytics.



FIT for the future

Fichtner IT Consulting AG and its subsidiaries SPE Unternehmensberatung GmbH and P&S Consulting GmbH have joined forces to form the new Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH. With this strong team, we offer integrated services from a single source. Trust us on your way to the increasingly digitized world.

More informationen


Peter Brack as a participant in the panel discussion Big Data & Geomarketing

Peter Brack, Business Area Manager for our Business Geo Intelligence solutions, was selected to participate in the podium discussion Geomarketing Approaches with Big Data: State of the art on the occasion of the dds Data Days in Heidelberg on 21 September.

Since 2002, dds Data Days has been a popular practice forum for users and providers as a constructive exchange platform with practical examples and experiences from the real world of geodata. The aim of the practice forum is to be able to make better decisions by using geodata.

Microsoft Inspire 2017 - Fire Protection Expert hhpberlin at keynote

The fire protection expert Stefan Truthän from hhpberlin showed several times in one of the keynotes at the world's largest Microsoft partner conference Inspire (09.-13.07.17 in Washington, D.C.) the augmented reality software ARE firechief.

More informationen


Energy Policy Seminar: A Transatlantic Expert Forum

The expert forum on the topic Decentralized energy transition ist Bestandteil is part of the transatlantic exchange of experience. This year the experts from Minnesota and Illinios meet in Stuttgart, Berlin and Hamburg.

Dr. Albrecht Reuter, CEO of FIT, explains the C/sells approach in his capacity as overall project manager.

program of events

Article Business Geo Intelligence for Cash & Carry and Retail

FIT has been successfully supporting Metro AG for years with its IT tool BGI. The result and the successful cooperation will be jointly reported in the current issue of gis.Business 2/2017.

More information


Publication: Business Intelligence meets GIS

The latest edition of Business Geomatics (2/2017) reports on our new development BGI Analytics. BGI Analytics is a location intelligence tool that links and analyzes GIS data and business information. More information

Article to: Augmented Reality with the help of Visual Studio 2015

With their publication in the journal windows.developer, Peter Brack and Sebastian Loose show how augmented reality scenarios can be implemented using Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10 developer tools. Read more

Article SmartEnergyHub forecast-based energy management of infrastructure managers

The article was published in the journal Issue 5|2016. A cloud-based smart data platform should enable a forecast-oriented and efficient energy management of infrastructures and thus contribute to the energy transition. More information

Dr. Albrecht Reuter at Smart Energy Workshop in Konstanz

Presentation of smart grid applications, innovative technologies and optimization strategies as well as approaches to the realization of renewable energies in energy supply companies.