ESB & System Integration

Fully integrated business processes.

Business processes do not end at the IT system boundaries. The integration of the different expert systems, the incorporation of sensor technology and other external data and also the access to company-relevant data for authorized users open up completely new returns on the investments made.

The intelligent use of the new mass data processing capabilities and the seamless integration of the increasingly available status and sensor information enable you to obtain precise situation analyses and reliable forecasts in real time. This means that you have immediate access to your company's up-to-date key figures and the details of your ongoing processes.

Our solutions are based on leading platforms such as SAP HANA or HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), SQL Server, ORACLE and Hadoop and they offer the flexibility necessary for a phased introduction based on the specific business requirement.


Our services for you:

  • Specifications and system selection
  • Project management
  • Implementation and integration
  • Creation of specific business process solutions
  • Quality management
  • Operational support

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