Projects & Procurement

Tailored and agile progress toward digital transformation

Projects and procurement processes conducted as part of the digital transformation require the combining and integration of different views and interests against the background of dynamic changes in competition and technology. In order to keep the goals and results in sight, we need a flexible and agile approach and to deliberately capitalize on internal and external knowledge.

The digital concept of end-to-end design and new holistic planning paradigms such as lifecycle engineering, building information modeling (BIM), the customer journey and intelligence demand a different approach to project management and procurement: The goals and expectations are becoming more ambitious and grander, while implementation is becoming more fragmented and more flexible. Bringing these two trends together requires project management with a truly professional vision and the ability to stay the course even in difficult environments and when interests clash. Monitoring, leadership and mediation in dynamic organizational and technological environments are our specialty, because we unite industry experience with technological competence.



We steer you through the dynamics of the digital transformation:

  • Project and project portfolio management; program management for digitalization
  • Demand analyses and market studies
  • Agile and classical approaches, methods and tools
  • PMBOK-certified project managers
  • Project management office (PMO) and interim management
  • Bid specifications and tender management

Your contact

  • Julia Hage
  • Head of Digital Business Consulting

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