Smart City & Urban Districts

Smart grids as technical enabler of the smart city.

Smart grids integrate the diverse technologies for power generation, transmission and distribution, storage, and consumption in real time and across economic sector boundaries. This creates flexible infrastructures that make possible innovative (energy) services and also provide the basis for setting up smart cities and smart urban districts. 

Within the digital transformation, the smart urban district and smart city provide the counterpart to the digital workplace and the end2end digitization of business operations: networking gains in significance over geographical location, mobility over a defined workspace, decentralization over concentration. The demands made of cities and urban districts have changed accordingly: urban living as a "flow process" – as a concept of flexible networking, teamwork and collaboration – manifests itself in a transformation of our urban infrastructures. Smart infrastructures, the systemically networked and interconnected Internet of Things (IoT), increase the freedom of action of users, providers and public decision-makers. We are on our way to reconceptualizing, downsizing and streamlining utilization environments, these constituting semi-autonomous and self-regulating entities, while at the same time creating ever more powerful superstructures. Right from an early stage, Fichtner addressed this issue in research projects, and offers you an experienced team of consultants for conceptual planning and management for restructuring and designing anew smart urban districts and cities


In proven collaboration with well-established partners, we guide and facilitate the participatory design of smart urban districts and cities:

  • public outreach, participation and involvement, communication strategy planning
  • mediation and moderation of stakeholder processes
  • conceptual development of interdisciplinary and intersectoral networking
  • blueprints and roadmaps for paths to a smart future
  • selection, design and requirements management for smart solutions
  • project and program management
  • obtaining funding for your innovative idea and its management

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