Fichtner EDDIE

Energy Data Digitalization - Integration - Empowerment

Investments in renewable generation and feed-in systems are essential if the climate protection targets that have been set are to be achieved. Overall, current developments are posing major challenges to the existing energy supply system. It is already clear that smart grids will be essential to ensure a secure, future-oriented and sustainable power supply. More and more stakeholders in modern energy systems are generating and storing energy on their own premises. At the same time, an increase in consumption can be observed in some areas, as, in addition to the expansion in electromobility, more and more companies and homeowners are investing in heat pumps.

FICHTNER Energy Data Digitalization - Integration - Empowerment (EDDIE for short) is a modular solution portfolio for addressing the challenges facing energy systems of the future.

EDDIE is based on established standards and supports both new and legacy technologies. At its core is a consolidated database whose structure is optimized for handling large volumes of time series data. Automated process operations executed in a matter of milliseconds play a big part in increasing the reliability of systems and maintaining the stability of the overall system.

A large number of integrated interfaces to various peripheral systems as well as methods used to automate processes enable EDDIE to be utilized as a central data hub and integration platform.

In addition to the ability to optimally handle energy data from digitalized energy systems, EDDIE can also take on the role of a process control and communication platform.

Due to the modular approach of the architecture, which is based on standard technologies, EDDIE offers great flexibility with regard to the scope of functions. With its process automation, monitoring and alarm modules, EDDIE provides all the functionalities required to orchestrate state-of-the-art energy systems.

The reliable assurance of data persistence is on the one hand the basis for interactive visualizations or real-time monitoring and on the other hand the basis for extensive analyses.

The linking of existing peripheral systems realized in EDDIE in combination with the integration of the mass of energy data results in an enormous treasure trove of data that is optimally suited for meeting today’s requirements. For example, AI-based forecasting is enabled, thereby supporting predictive network calculation.

Of course, EDDIE provides interfaces to the Fichtner Digital Grid range of solutions for almost all use cases. For instance, grid connection checks can be geographically supported almost in real time, or specific questions, such as on the topic of risk-based asset management, can be optimally answered using proven expert modules.

Large parts of the FICHTNER Energy Data Digitalization - Integration - Empowerment portfolio have in recent years been implemented in large, government-funded research projects and tested over several months under real-life conditions in a field test environment. These field tests have unequivocally confirmed the fundamental importance of a central instance in decentralized energy systems.

A central data hub enables all events to be viewed from a holistic perspective – not only in power (grid) systems, but also in comparably data-intensive environments such as smart buildings, smart factories and smart cities.


With a focus on energy data and based on independent modules, EDDIE is an innovative solution portfolio for addressing current challenges in the energy industry:

  • Integration of systems, data and the IoT
  • Process modeling, execution and automation
  • Communication platform
  • Data lake / Data hub
  • Energy data management and visualization
  • ​​​​​​​Monitoring & alarm
  • Big data integration, processing & analytics
  • Predictive data analysis (spatial & time series)
  • Network data preparation (geographical & topological)
  • ​​​​​​​Consultancy, concepts, implementation and project governance

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