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Fitness for the Digital Transformation.

The digital transformation is a holistic design approach that encompasses corporate culture, organization, processes and IT architectures. It is your organizational fitness program for an increasingly dynamic and digitalized business environment and the foundation for achieving sustainable processes and meeting corporate goals.

A digitalization strategy sets the guidelines for the process of change and ensures that the overarching goals remain in focus. We assess with you your company’s or department’s current digitalization maturity level and work with you to structure a digital roadmap with measures you can put into practice. Special attention is paid to involving employees who handle data and IT tools on a daily basis and are aware of the opportunities and risks. Together we will shape your road to the future and detail the implementation in practical sub-steps. A further focal point is on analyzing available data sources and their potential as a value contributor to corporate goals in order to provide an entry point or accelerator towards a data-centric organization. Finally, we support you with your customized solution for digital transformation with a future-proof IT portfolio and goal-oriented IT management.

From a vision to operational implementation with the help of OKR. How to effectively implement your goals and strategies as well as tackle new challenges and demands through real-time course corrections.

OKR is a goal-setting system that enables your organization to focus on the essentials while constantly evolving. OKR is an agile framework that follows the principles of New Work and empowers your employees to take personal responsibility and organize themselves. Furthermore, OKR promotes cross-functional collaboration and coordination between individual teams. This creates a high level of identification with the organization’s goals and also generates intrinsic motivation among the workforce. This is reflected in the continuous increase in effectiveness.


Together with you, we create the basis for the effective application of ICT in your company:

  • appraisal of maturity for the digital transformation
  • digitalization benchmarks and trend studies
  • evaluation of corporate culture, strategy, organization and processes, IT architectures, and operating models
  • evaluation and use of data sources for defined business objectives
  • structuring the digital roadmap with action areas and measures
  • robust, secure and protected architectures and organizational concepts
  • support for organizational change of company IT operations to facilitate transformation and innovation (IT4IT)

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