Satellite Data

Satellite Data - basis for your planning.

The continued development of high resolution satellite image data enables the creation of extremely precise topographical planning frameworks, which are essential for engineering initiatives.

The ever improving resolution capability of satellite data enables entirely new application areas. In addition to spatial resolution of currently up to 30 cm (WorldView-3), the radiometric bandwidth and stereoscopic images represent a practical extension for individual tasks. With the use of radar data, the range of applications can be extended to include procedures such as SAR interferometry.

Furthermore, we are resellers for one of the world's leading satellite operators (Airbus Defence & Space) and through optimal use of the data, we can offer you tailor-made solutions.


Our services for you:

  • Consultation
  • Reselling and support
  • Data acquisition
  • Photogrammetry and remote sensing
  • SAR interferometry
  • Terrestrial surveying
  • Cartography and GIS

Further information

These could be especially interesting for you:

  • Optical Satellite Image Data
    -Mono and Stereo
    -Resolution up to 30 cm
  • Radar Data
  • Orthophoto mosaic
  • Topographic  planning foundation
  • Digital Terrain models

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