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Information logistics. For you!

Efficient information logistics, that is, the provision of the necessary functions and information for a specific user in the optimal form can best be achieved using web solutions.

Open-source-based solutions are not only cost-effective. They can also be designed to be easy to use, they can be customized and barrier-free, and they comply with strict security and access requirements. With appropriate masking, they can be flexibly integrated into your CI (Corporate Identity) and thus provide your users with a familiar environment.

We design and implement modern web-based information systems for you which will excite your users and accelerate the flow of your business processes. We rely on market-leading and established open-source frameworks and we develop highly innovative solutions with a view to your specific business benefit.


Our services for you:

  • Consulting with the selection of suitable open-source components
  • Implementation of modern web portals
  • Creation of spatial WebGIS solutions
  • Integration into your IT environment

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In the Community for the Community:

The Extension “Total matched feature count available in JSON output” of the open source product Geoserver were contributed by FIT. These changes were distributed back to the community and are now part of the product version.

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