Cyber Security & Protection of Personal Data

Cybersecurity and data privacy for the digital transformation

Not only do security and privacy need to be firmly rooted in the technical infrastructure, they also have to be an integral part of the corporate philosophy. Only by setting up a holistic cybersecurity and data privacy architecture – what we call “Embedded Security and Privacy” – will corporate risks be sustainably reduced and work processes be prevented from becoming inefficient.

Protecting data and “defending” the infrastructure stretches many organizations to their limits, yet the dangers are very real and the potential damage could be critical for the company’s business. Information security and data privacy are constantly facing new challenges and must therefore be treated as a continual process of permanent review and improvement of the technical and organizational procedures.

The task begins with awareness raising and training of employees and extends to the choice and specification of work equipment through to technical measures like the selection and configuration of supporting security software. If the company has not only corporate software (IT) but also instrumentation and control systems (OT), there are often parallel structures that not only entail high costs but also pose risks at the IT/OT interface.

We see cybersecurity and data privacy as an opportunity to lower costs and increase efficiency through integrated approaches. Streamlining and standardization, minimization and purpose limitation are key requirements for making solutions more customer and user-friendly. We support and advise many clients by providing a measured approach to establishing, implementing and optimizing their bespoke, effective security system.


Our team of information security and privacy experts offer the following:

  • outsourced data protection and information security officers
  • drawing up an inventory and schedule of data processing activities
  • risk assessment and management
  • action areas as well as technical and organizational measures
  • data privacy and information security management system
  • GDPR/ISMS implementation, auditing and certification support
  • training programs for raising awareness among users

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