Simulation & Optimization

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When decisions are based on complex situations with many variables, modern simulation and optimization tools offer unrivaled solution speed and security.

The more complex a system is, the more difficult it is to make the correct decisions. Whether dealing with extensive energy systems, logistical challenges, or customized solution issues - modern simulation and optimization tools can provide support and offer plausible solution proposals.

This can help to avoid risks, and the decisions taken in the context of the initial situation can be documented for legal purposes.

We model the complex systems individually in accordance with the specific requirements. Whether it's energy efficiency in cells, capacity optimization, regional or inter-regional energy master plans - provision of the best action proposals within a short timeframe reduces risks and saves costs.


Our services for you:

  • Development of the optimization criteria
  • Modeling
  • Verification and tuning
  • Interface development
  • Integration into the target environment
  • Quality management

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For modeling systems for optimization, we value the efficient software from our partner GAMS.

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