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Fichtner IT Consulting - in short: FIT - stands for more than 25 years of qualified consulting and customer-oriented IT solutions. We are your competent partner for digitization projects and accompany you with experience and good judgment in the alignment of the IT strategy and the implementation of tailor-made, innovative applications.

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Donation campaign "Berliner Tafel"

This year we are supporting the Berliner Tafel with a monetary donation that provides people in Berlin in need with urgently needed food and hygiene items free of charge. Numerous voluntary helpers are committed to the Berliner Tafel and many charitable organizations so that people in need are better off. We want to express our respect and thank you to these helpers. We are happy if we can support your good work at least a little.

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New project: Digital.Labore Partheland

Together with Fraunhofer IAO and komet Stadt Coaching, we are looking forward to implementing the Citizens' Project Digital.Labore Partheland on behalf of the City of Naunhof. How we develop innovative smart city solutions for real municipal problems together with the urban society and implement prototypes can also be found in our press release on the website of the Partheland region.

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Valprovia und Fichtner IT Consulting agree on cooperation

In order to offer joint productive solutions for Microsoft 365, we combine the expertise of Fichtner IT Consulting with the excellent products from Valprovia. We support you with the introduction of MS Teams and TeamsCenter for central administration and a uniform DSGVO-compliant filing. Uniform work processes and targeted structures increase the efficiency of collaboration and user acceptance.

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For a smarter grid - depsys and Fichtner IT Consulting agree to collaborate

Depsys and Fichtner IT Consulting have agreed to join forces in the smart grid sector. The companies have decided to combine their technology and market expertise in order to offer grid operators even more competitive smart grid solutions. Customers will benefit both from the precise measuring hardware and the reliable value processing of the GridEye smart grid solution from depsys, as well as from the FIT consulting services and the Fichtner Digital Grid (FDG) software solution portfolio.

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MITNETZ STROM offers automated grid connection testing in real time

The enviaM network operator has introduced an automated real-time network connection check. It simplifies the access to the power grid for power producers from renewable energies. They can inquire online where they can connect the desired power and receive immediate feedback. The following article provides more information on this currently nationwide unique selling point as well as the consulting and development services of Fichtner Digital Grid.

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Digital customer loyalty and marketing tools for energy providers

The Gas2Go and Gas2Go Sales products for energy trading were developed by FIT together with GVS in order to simplify schedule pricing. Gas2Go Sales is a platform based consulting and sales solution that lets municipal utilities offer their industrial and commercial customers market-oriented products with real-time prices.

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Creditreform and Fichtner cooperate on 4.0 industry solution for energy supply companies

Fichtner IT Consulting and Creditreform agree to cooperate to jointly advance the digital transformation of energy supply companies (EVU). This was announced by the two industry specialists in the wake of E-World. The common goal is to digitize utility company customer processes. For more customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Goodbye Telephones - Welcome Microsoft Teams

Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH is modernizing. All phones will be abolished and calls will be made via Microsoft Teams in the future. The Berlin branch has already been completely converted and all other branches are following suit.

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Fichtner IT at the Omexom Technikforum

The Omexom Technology Forum entered its third round this year and is an exclusive conference for managers and decision-makers in the energy industry. In addition to the focus on information and communication, top-class lectures shaped the program. Our Dr. gave one of these lectures Albrecht Reuter on "Energy is digital, diverse, participative and cellular". It's best to reserve for next year and keep up to date.







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FIT at E-world

This year's E-world was again an excellent trade fair - with the focus on digitization and renewal. The range of interesting discussions, qualitative industry exchange, a marzipan artist at our booth and much more are just a few of the many highlights. You can make your own impression via our social media channels or come and see us next year.







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Fichtner IT Consulting acquires stake in Office365 and Microsoft specialist corner4

Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH ("FIT") joins the Austrian corner4 Information Technology GmbH ("corner4") as a partner. The 30% share underlines the goal of long-term and strategic cooperation. Customers are offered attractive solutions and a competent service based on Microsoft's digital workplace platform.

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VDI news about C/sells: no energy transition without participation

It is about the large-scale research and implementation project in the solar arch of Southern Germany: C/sells. Albrecht Reuter (overall project leader) wants to inspire for the energy transition and the resulting opportunities. People should actively participate in the transformation of the energy system and enjoy it. "Without participation, the energy transition will not work"; the weight of this statement is clear to the reader in the VDI Nachrichten report.

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Fichtner Digital Grid for Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel

As a traditional service provider in the field of energy and water supply and communication in Wolfenbüttel, digitalisation, the energy transition and liberalization are dealt with in a dynamic market environment, ensuring the secure supply of more than 56,000 inhabitants. FIT supports Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel in particular with its solution portfolio Fichtner Digital Grid as well as the expander tool BGI Calculate and the basic module BGI Grid Analytics.

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App for specialist personnel deployment planning - AMG GmbH

Fichtner IT Consulting was commissioned to "design and implement an IT solution in the engine shop with a number of production lines" to support deployment planning of operational personnel in its manufacturing facilities. The objective is to completely reconfigure the existing software and replace it with a state-of-the-art system to so consolidate the functionally complex application that has evolved over time and to facilitate prompt implementation of new requirements as they arise. Read more.

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Magazine: C/sells - hundreds of minds for a better energy future

C/sells is a demonstration project within the framework of the SINTEG program. The "Intelligent Energy - Digital Agenda for the Energy Revolution" (SINTEG) promotion program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) aims to develop scalable model solutions for a secure, economical, environmentally sound and accepted energy supply with high shares of fluctuating electricity generation from wind and solar energy demonstrate.

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IT support of heterogeneous manufacturing processes in engine production at Mercedes-AMG GmbH

Daimler's new generation engine production is supported by optimized IT thanks to the application of advanced "Industry 4.0" processes. Thus in productive operation, the "Enterprise Service Bus" (ESB) introduced by Fichtner IT Consulting (FIT) means that tools can be automatically set up, test and assembly setups individually configured, and all processes monitored and documented. Read more.

Click here for the Youtube short film of the AMG

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From Expert Tools to the Digital Grid

Digital twins promise to break up old silos and thus support a core concern of DIN ISO 55.000. Information from the various source systems does not have to be collected in different expert systems, but is always available to the entire company in terms of equipment. The international conference of the Institute for Asset Management will show how the integration of OPTNET into Fichtner Digital Grid works.


C/sells visits the energy city Arzberg

C/sells meets in the city of Arzberg and discusses on. the version of the set goals:. It is gilding to expand renewable energies and to network and digitize the energy industry. In project C / the decentralized energy turnaround is now being tested with an intelligent energy system. There are three factors: cellularity, i. e. decentralized supply structures, participation and diversity.

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Ministerial dialogue in Bavaria: C/sells project

On the first of April, there was a first C/sells ministerial dialogue with sensational personalities who spoke to the energy industry about digitizing the energy world. Of course, the first results from the project C/sells were also on the agenda. It was a complete success, and this view is shared by Minister of State Hubert Aiwanger. In the video there are impressions of the event, in addition to the Minister of State and other experts to speak.

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