Fichtner Digital Workplace

Promoting knowledge management and enabling collaboration.

The digital transformation is changing the requirements profile for employees. A basic idea is the design of continuous end-to-end processes and concepts for improved interdisciplinary and cross-functional collaboration.

Digitalization speeds up processes and generates a new dynamic of change. Market boundaries lose importance. Game changers enter established markets and transform the entrepreneurial environment. Processes and technologies converge. Hardly a process or workplace is today imaginable without IT. At the same time, IT allows a very different kind of process organization: The more data we obtain from the processes, the more freedom we have to decide where and how to automate, what makes technical and economic sense and how, through the availability of up-to-date and better information, we can improve the decision-making capability and reliability of employees. IT comes in various forms: It makes automation possible, it enables employees to make safe, future-proof decisions and it renders processes more market-oriented, flexible and resilient.

With our experienced consultants, we will navigate you and your employees cooperatively through this transformation and evolution to more intelligent processes: from design through procurement support to assistance with integration and transformation processes. We use not only the standard software of market leader Microsoft with its solutions, but also our own customized modules. Find out more here.


Services we offer:

  • Requirements analysis and stocktaking of the current workplace environment
  • Development of Digital Workplace concepts for areas such as collaboration or document management
  • Consulting, introduction and development of Microsoft Office 365
  • Consulting on process optimization by means of automation and SharePoint workflows
  • Assistance with change management
  • Preparation and staging of user and IT training in Office 365