Digital Customer Management

Competitive advantage through digital customer dialogue.

Fichtner offers solutions that enable you to address customers in a modern way - tailor-made and needs-oriented manner. They increase customer loyalty and facilitate acquisition.

The focus is on changing customer behavior. For a variety of reasons, such as the role of the prosumer, the requirements for customer management have been completely redefined. We help you to develop and integrate appropriate business models and to gain insights so that you can follow up important contacts individually and in a qualified manner.

How does that work? Today's customer wants to be in a digital dialogue, be able to check his status, services and further information at all times and feel "at home" when doing so. This creates contact points and information that provide valuable indicators as to how a consumer "ticks" and how he might react in the future. The prerequisite for this is (GDPR-compliant) acquisition, processing and analysis of this information in order to then derive the best course of action. To optimize the customer relationship, every communication with your customer must take into account all available information from your customer management environment.

Fichtner IT Consulting has set itself precisely this focus as the starting point for your solutions and thus provides you with business models to raise customer loyalty that are FIT for the future. When may we support you too? Further details on Fichtner Digital Customer (FDC) can be found here.


Our services for you:

  • Requirements specification and analysis of current situation
  • Consulting and project management
  • Integration into the existing IT environment
  • Customizable service modules such as: payment, eShop, information/collection, chatbot, public participation, load profile management, meter reading
  • Ready-made solutions or customizing of standard software
  • Portal and mobile apps
  • SaaS solutions and service integration, e.g. ERP or CRM
  • Quality management

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