Selected project examples

IT Roadmap Study, Netzgesellschaften der VSE AG, Saarbrücken, Germany

FIT-Projekt: Erstellung einer IT-Roadmap

The goal of the project is the assessment of the current IT service delivery and the demand from the technical network areas, taking the strategic plans into account. The analysis of the IT-relevant Group structures and the IT systems including architectures, know-how distribution, costs, etc. was carried out by the core team. The analysis of the IT requirements was carried out together with the functional areas along the process chains to ensure that an accurate picture of the requirements could be obtained. The strategic specifications, including the trends and opportunities arising from digitization which were put together by FIT, were discussed and recorded with company management and IT management.


Based on the analysis of the current situation, a comprehensive analysis was carried out and clearly formulated measures were derived from this. These measures include recommendations on the organizational integration of IT including the relevant IT service processes (ITIL), the alignment of the IT target landscape (architecture), and the necessary subsequent steps to make use of the efficiencies that have been determined.