Selected project examples

FIT as partner of the energy industry, GasVersorgung Süddeutschland, Stuttgart, Germany

Projekt: Einführung eines CRM

FIT as a partner of the energy industry has been developing software for energy suppliers for more than 20 years. The last 10 years, which are marked by the change in the energy supply, have shaped FIT close to the market and in close cooperation with our partners/customers.


The latest product of these collaborations is a product "Gas2Go Sales" developed with the gas supply Southern Germany. "Gas2Go Sales" opens up new business models to be fit for the future as an energy supplier.


With the white label enabled product "Gas2Go Sales", market-oriented offers with real-time prices, binding periods can be individually adjusted and offered with a digital contract.

Stadtwerke is thus able to offer services and products that are sustainable in the future, thus retaining customers and gaining new customers - despite low margins and high competitive pressure. All without own development and only using "Gas2Go Sales". The application possibilities of this software are possible in 2 scenarios:


"On the one hand, Stadtwerk can now offer its customers" Gas2Go Sales "gas schedules with a granularity of 1 kW, and a sales representative can use the tool, for example, in direct conversations on site. on his tablet to make deals with the customer together.


Alternatively, you Stadtwerk "Gas2Go Sales" as a white label product on the city's own website. The industrial customer asks his offer - when, where and as often as he wants - and clicks the price directly. "Why only to the comparison portal, if you can directly click a market price."

(Quote GVS press release)