Selected project examples

Two who understand each other: Alexa meets Stella, Stadtwerke Stuttgart, Germany

Stadtwerke Stuttgart

Digitization of services Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH has expanded the modern e-scooter offer stella sharing of Stadtwerke Stuttgart by an innovative voice control of the Stella app based on Amazon ALEXA.


Stadtwerke Stuttgart and Fichtner IT Consulting are expanding their successful collaboration, such as the introduction of MS Dynamics 365 CRM, by developing innovative voice controls in order to search and reserve stella e-scooters. In addition to the intuitive language selection of a found scooter and the ability to reserve the found scooter, the correct scooter can also be determined by additional language queries. Thus, the battery level can be queried (range) and searched for a specific destination (address) to determine whether the desired goal can be achieved.


Other functions such as the information on reservations made or cancellation are in development. The first version of the stella sharing Alexa Skill is currently being tested. If you are interested, please contact Frank Hägele of Stadtwerke Stuttgart: