Selected project examples

Advisory services for the conceptual design of an integrated program platform (IPP) for the control and monitoring system, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy, Zagreb, Croatia


The project aims to set up a monitoring and monitoring system for the on-going evaluation of the implementation of the Marine Monitoring Program triggered by the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Fichtner is charged with Component II for consulting services for the conception and system and database design of an integrated program platform (IPP) of the control and observation system, which serves as a central location for the storage, processing and evaluation of data of stakeholders. The project implements a prototypical application based on the design, which allows to start with the first data acquisition. The synthesis of this data, in compliance with the compliance and consistency requirements set out in national and EU marine environment related issues, will be achieved through the IPP. The fully developed platform will provide the integration of data, their spatial and alphanumeric analysis with the possibility of data visualization in geo-information systems also on the platform of the EU within INSPIRE.