Selected project examples

IT support of heterogeneous manufacturing processes in engine production at Mercedes, AMG GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany


Ranking among the suppliers of motor vehicles most steeped in tradition, Daimler AG manufactures high-performance premium cars through its subsidiary. New generation engine production is supported by optimized IT thanks to the application of advanced "Industry 4.0" processes. Thus in productive operation, the "Enterprise Service Bus" (ESB) introduced by Fichtner IT Consulting (FIT) means that tools can be automatically set up, test and assembly setups individually configured, and all processes monitored and documented. This minimizes setup times, actively supports fitters who work according to the "One Man - One Engine" principle, and eliminates incorrect settings. The ESB sourced from BOSCH SI guarantees reliable communication in engine production between all systems involved, such as sensors and tools, and in particular ensures complete traceability of reports and signals with loss-free transport of all production equipment. To implement this solution, Fichtner IT Consulting designed the communication architecture, assisted in defining the communication formats, installed and configured the ESB, and programmed new system connectors for special-purpose tools.