Selected project examples

EnFile and EnTuch software modules, Balfour Beatty Rail Projects Ltd Derby, London, Great Britain

FIT-Projekt: Spezifische Anpassung und Erweiterung der Softwaremodule

Adaptation and extension of the EnFile and EnTuch software modules for application in Balfour Beatty’s project 'Terminal 5 Tunnels at London Heath-row Airport'. EnFile is a program for calculating towing curves and envelope surfaces of rail-guided and road vehicles with a check for collisions in three-dimensional space.

EnFile simulates the motion of road and rail-guided ve-hicles along a defined axis, for example aircraft, articulated buses, tractors with semi-trailers, luggage trailers, of any number. EnTuch is used for cal-culating clearance in tunnel and otherwise limited clearance profiles. It also supports track alignments in bored tunnels.