Selected project examples

GIS - Geographic Information System for Utilities, Oberhessische Versorgungsbetriebe AG, Friedberg, Germany

FIT-Projekt: Infrastruktur Datenmangement Strom

The network service division of the Upper Hesse public utility (OVAG) and ovag Netz AG are merging and expanding existing IT systems to create an integrated geographical and facility information system – GIS/BIS – and so streamline company operations. Alongside geographical network and facility documentation, the new GIS/BIS is to be used in particular for administering and updating technical data on equipment and installations. For maintenance scheduling and contract administration, the SAP modules PM (Plant Maintenance) and MRS (Multi-Resource Scheduling) are to be linked to this system. Other system applications at OVAG, like network calculation, CRM (Customer Relations Management) and real estate management are integrated via interfaces. For system introduction, the data from the superseded systems are merged and migrated to a central, open GIS/BIS database.