Selected project examples

Optimized Business Processes in Customer Management for a Gas Utility (GVG), Gasversorgungsgesellschaft (GVG) mbH, Rhein-Erft, Germany

Projekt: IT-gestützte Arbeitsabläufe für alle geschäftlichen Transaktionen mit ihren Kunden

GVG’s objective is optimum support of customers and streamlining the related business processes on the technical and sales sides. Fichtner supported GVG in implementing off-the-shelf customer relations management (CRM) software and adapted the computerized procedures for all business transactions with its customers. This will enable GVG to respond promptly to customer inquiries, provide higher service quality, obtain full information on ongoing business processes, and ensure higher efficiency of business handling. Consequently, the gas supplier will improve its market position vis-à-vis competitors, to win customers in the deregulated gas market.