Selected project examples

Target power system study, GEW Wilhelmshaven GmbH, Deutschland

Projekt: Zielnetzplanung für Mittelspannungsnetz

For a municipal network owned by the Thüga Group, Fichtner undertakes a study of a target power system. The aim is to reconfigure an existing MV system with substantial additions of wind power infeed from wind turbines to cater for its current and future bidirectional power transmission task. By means of the dual network planning approach on the basis of the greenfield planning method, the ideal network under techno-economic aspects is developed from the existing system structure for two load development scenarios with its practicability confirmed by analysis. Then the options for the transition from the present to the target network are compared on the basis of their technical and economic characteristics. The detailed short-, medium- and long-term plans of action for implementation are worked out by Fichtner in consultation with the organization responsible for the system. Finally, the new schematic network analysis model that reflects the positional situation with its implementation stages is presented to the client.