Selected project examples

System analysis and strategy recommendation for virtual power plant, EWE AG, Oldenburg, Germany

Projekt: Analyse, Markrecherche

The project includes a determination of the status quo, consideration of current developments, and analysis of one of the largest virtual power plants in the German market. Supplementary market research includes the comparison with the surrounding market segments and their development. The study includes a consideration of the underlying decentralized energy systems, of automation systems, of control and IT systems and their integration. These are compared with core business processes for operational management, for marketing and for expansion of the virtual power plant and the associated value-creation potential, and action recommendations are developed for short, medium, and long-term developments. Particular focus is placed on dealing with the highly dynamic situation and the uncertainties of current and foreseeable technical, economic and regulatory developments. In addition to medium and long-term aspects, the project focuses on the specific effects on current issues and their prompt practical implementation.