Selected project examples

PROCON - redesign of project management system for road construction, Regional Authority for Roads and Transport, Wiesbaden, Germany

FIT-Projekt: Fachapplikation PROCON

At the Hesse Regional Authority for Roads and Transport, there are a large number of systems with, in some cases, redundant data and functions. These old systems are to be replaced on the basis of the IT guidelines applicable to the Hesse Road and Traffic Administration (HSVV). The purpose of PROCON, a project information and management system, is to administer for the duration of the project those data which are recorded and processed from the planning stage through to contract award. PROCON is intended as a tool which both facilitates work on the project and also processes the most important management information for project managers and chief officers. The new system is intended to make all the basic project-related information available over the intranet in the form of a browser-based solution.