BGI Grid Analytics

Single Source of Information.

The Grid Analytics solution supports asset management in the transportation or distribution network. It provides a complete analysis through the geo-visualization of all relevant information needed in asset management and network planning.

The combination of technical data from sources such as GIS and SAP EAM with external services and business information enables a value-oriented view of the assets. 

Grid Analytics addresses critical asset management issues, such as:

  • Where are the critical weaknesses in the network?
  • Which important customers are behind it? I Where in the pipeline are my SAP work orders?
  • Where is further maintenance work in the area for the bundling of work orders?
  • Where are instabilities threatening due to fluctuating feeds in the grid?

BGI Grid Analytics is part of the Fichtner Digital Grid solution series and is based upon the proven Business Geo Intelligence modules. Learn more about BGI.


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Grid Analytics-Solution supports asset management in transport and distribution network.