Selected project examples

BGI EnergyMapper: Incident Management System for 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Projekt Störfallmanagememt

Fichtner IT Consulting is assigned to develop an incident management system - BGI EnergyMapper - for 50Hertz. The basis for the map display is the visualization of all network-relevant objects such as power line sections, electricity poles, wind turbines and transformer substations. A lightning database is integrated into the application to report incoming real-time information concerning lightning strikes. The system processes these data and displays the information graphically on a map. This provides the possibility to precisely locate a current lightning strike and the affected power line section.

In addition, an incident tracking module is developed to enable an animated display of the lightning strike‘s time flow in a “movie mode”. The visualization of the incident on the map together with the accurate allocation of the affected power line section enables the Transmission Control Center staff to instantly decide what to do and take appropriate actions based on the geographical facts. Thus, decisions are more reliable and the reaction time is minimized.