Asset Management ISO 55000

Increase the efficiency of your plants and networks.

Definition of the maintenance and investment requirements for the deployed infrastructures is a continuous challenge due to the differing objectives and the differentiated ageing behavior.

For the valuation of assets, their variety demands practice-oriented methods which can easily be adapted to the company's specific circumstances. In addition, ISO 55000 is available as a best-practice approach for anchoring asset management in your company.

With a range of projects both for plants and for underground pipes, we can call on a broad base of experience for the effective valuation of your infrastructure. With our certified employees, we offer the analysis and introduction of an ISO 55000-compliant asset management.


We support you as follows:

  • We analyze your asset organization and point out potential for improvement
  • We develop and support measures for implementation of ISO 55000
  • We carry out system and structure analysis for the introduction of model-based asset valuation
  • We introduce or support the introduction of strategic and operational asset management systems
  • We determine rehabilitation strategies for the existing infrastructure

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Dr. Thomas Hattingen
Dr. Thomas Hattingen

Further information

Mike Beck, MIAM and Director OptNet by Fichtner Water and Transportation, wrote the following article: SAM+: Measuring the journey to excellence in Asset Management. The article was published in the journal 3R.

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