Smart Grids & Smart Quarters

Smart grids are the technical enablers of the energy transition.

Smart grids integrate the diversity of energy generation, transport and distribution, the storage and consumption in real-time and across different sectors. They enable creation of powerful infrastructures which facilitate new (energy) services and form the basis for smart city quarters or smart cities.

This process of digital transformation reveals new business models which obtain added value from the systemic overall benefit. The examples range from flat-rate models for student accommodation to the support of change processes in ministries and utilities.


We support you:

  • With the system analysis of the components to be networked in the infrastructure system
  • With the technical, business, and legal design of your smart grid, smart city quarter or smart city
  • With the tender and allocation process for components
  • With the project management of smart grid projects
  • With the acquisition of funding for your innovative idea and its management
  • With the participatory process in the development of your smart quarter

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Digitalization of energy revolution

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The decentralized energy structure, the extensive data volume and the short-term volatility in real-time are the key points of the energy turnaround. Published in the Energy Talks Ossiach '15, Special Edition, May 2015, page 7

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