Fichtner Digital Grid

Mastering the digital transformation in the distribution grid.

Managing change. Digitizing distribution grids. Supporting processes.

Today's challenges for grid management, like the expansion of renewable energies, the requirements stemming from increasing electromobility, the (over)aging of assets, and efficiency standards imposed by regulatory authorities, can only be mastered by providing reliable and current data. The decisions to be taken are becoming increasingly complex and the time frames are getting tighter. Digitization of the distribution grids and the grid operator's interactions with many new players increase the pressure even more.

Hence innovative processes have to be put in place for maintaining data quality, for grid visualization and for calculations as well as for regulatory and asset management, while at the same time increasingly large data volumes have to be processed efficiently. The IT infrastructures of many grid operators are limited in their ability to handle these tasks, as they usually consist of a number of proprietary stand-alone solutions.

With Fichtner Digital Grid, these techno-economic grid management challenges are mastered flexibly, transparently, digitally and oriented to the installed facilities on the basis of an information-centered, state-of-the-art consolidation platform.


Our services for you:

  • standardized info and analysis for all users
  • smart integration generates a digitized model of the grid
  • expert tools for specialized tasks, such as grid calculations, regulatory management, etc.
  • setting up a modular, scalable solution as a platform for your digitization strategy

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